How to make trigger status persist through server restarts

Currently we can suspend the document retrieval and document processing of each trigger if we need to pause the processing of message to one subscriber. This is good for when systems have planned outages.

Currently when the integration server starts up we’ve found that triggers are enabled and set to active.
How do we get the trigger settings to persist through server restarts? It’s not ideal for us to have triggers set themselves to active if we’ve suspended them. Server restarts aren’t that common but if one happens during a planned outage of a subscriber system we don’t want the trigger to reactivate.

Hi Daniel.

please have a look at the IS Built-In-Services Reference when doing so programmatically.
There is an input var on the suspend (& resume) services to indicate if this should be set temporarily or permanenty.

When doing it manually via IS Administrator - Settings - Messaging configuration remember to set the check box according to your intention.


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Behind the scenes what are the differences between temporary or permanent?
Is it just persisting through restarts or is there anything else we’ll need to consider?

Hi Daniel,

as far as I can tell pemanent will use the same state after restart as set before while temporary will revert back to last persisted state after restart.
Nothing further to be considered.

Temporary settings are marked with an asterisk in the Trigger Management overview in IS Admin UI for Retrieval and/or Processing.

Sometimes it makes sense to just suspend retrieval to avoid the retrieval of messages but keep the processing active to complete the messages already retrieved to the IS.


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