How to log the event of publish/subscribe of a document to/from a Queue/Topic in MWS


This is my first post here.

My conundrum is that whenever a document type is published to a Broker Client group, I would need to log that event.

The document type being published is even added under the Log Publish tab for the respective Broker Client group to which its being published from/to.

But there is still no logging of this info post publish.

Could anyone please help?

Hi Ashwin,

just some questions:

  • is your Broker enabled for Document Logging?
  • Do you have WmLogUtil installed on your IS?
  • if, yes did you start the function in its configuration page (the “HomePage”)?
  • did you restart the IS afterwards?

If all questions answer yes and it still do not work,
check your database configuration as you might be missing some tables (check the server log for details) in the database or Assocications of JDBC-Pools to Function Aliases in your IS-configuration.