How to list all defined SmartRest2.0 collections/X-ID's?


I’m trying to figure out SmartRest 2.0 collections and looking for the URL Request to list all already defined collections or X-id’s.
Can’t find it on /guides/reference/smartrest/#using-smartrest-with-multiple-x-ids.



Hi Francis,

As SmartRest templates are stored as ManagedObjects you have to query them via the Inventory API. You can query SmartRest collections using following query:
GET {{url}}/inventory/managedObjects?pageSize=1000&type=c8y_SmartRest2Template

If you are curious how data is being loaded by the application (e.g. SmartRest templates in the DeviceManagement application) you can use the Developer tools of your browser and monitor the network traffic. It will list all request which are sent by the application.

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