How to limit the number of rows returned from Siebel......

I have IS 6.0.1 and also i have recently installed Siebel Adapter 6.0. I have made a Siebel Java Connection. I want to know that whether we can limit the no. of rows while retrieving data from siebel server like we can set Max. rows in JDBC adapter.
Actually my purpose is to make a small code that uses data from siebel server but the server being on on a different geography and network takes more than 2 hrs. to run a simple select query that returns more than 8000 records. I just want to limit the no. of records to say 10-20 in order to test my code.
Please suggest me a solution to this.

Thanks & Regards,
Vijit J

I’m not familiar with Sieble SQL, but there should be a syntax option to limit the number of retrieved rows.

For example,

[SQL Server] select top 10 * from my_table

[Oracle] select * from my_table where rownum <= 10