how to know whether broker is connected or not

my broker is not working as i am unable to do pub sub model practice so let me know how to start broker

hi deepak,
how do u know its not working… did you configure IS to connect to broker.
how ever to check status/stop/start broker :
go to /Broker/bin
and run server_config.exe or
you will see a list of options available which are self explainatory. use option as desired.



thanks as you said me to check in installation directory /broker/bin i have been there when i click on server_config the dos window is not capturing and it vanishes in fraction of seconds so i couldn’t see whether broker is available or not so let me know now what to do

What is the OS you are working with? If it is Windows, go to services.msc and check if Broker Server is running or not. If it is other than Windows, execute commands as Chakradhar mentioned…

Once you know the status of broker, go to your IS admin page > Settings > Messaging > Broker Settings, and provide your Broker Server information. Restart IS to make the changes effect. You should see the Connected status as ‘Yes’.