How to invoke services parallelly inside a webmethods flow service

Hi All,

I have two web services and want to invoke parallely from web methods flow service.
Could you please help us .

Yes you can invoke both connectors parallel in a seperate wrapper service.Do you have both connectors loaded in the developer/designer already?



Thank you very much for your response.

Yes,having two connectors and available in developer, could you please help us , how to implement this parallel invocation of services from webMethods flow service.



Please enlighten me what is the business need to invoke webservices in parallel? webServices are sync calls.

One way to achieve it to publish a doc and fire your webservices on subscription. [It may be in parallel with no guarantee]

Other method, suggested by RMG at : Parallel Processing in Webmethods Developer - webMethods - Software AG Tech Community & Forums




Please look into the above messages options and the thread given above…



Did you already tried calling those both webServices as Transformers? Transformers in a single map step will be executed parallely.


Thank you RMG and Rankesh.

I am trying to work on the java service, which was implemented by RMG in the above thread.

Thank you Naidu, Transformers are having some limitation , we can`t log the error info, if it thrown any error during web service invocation from transformer.
Please correct me, if i am worng.

No they will not. The documentation says to view them as though they are executed in parallel but they are not. You cannot rely on which order they will be executed. They are run one after another within a single thread.

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Rob is correct, transformers do not execute in parallel they are executed sequentially. One way that i know is to spawn a new thread using the spawn service available in PSUtilities or something similar. You can always publish the data to broker and move on to the next logic.