How to install MWS from application to service (windows)


I am quite new in the MWS, please advise how to install MWS from application to windows service ?

best regards


You can install MWS as windows service like this:

  1. Open the command shell of whindows
  2. Go to the MWs directory folder: “bin” (path: …\webmethods7\MWS\bin)
  3. Just enter the command “mws”
  4. Now you get various options what you can actually do with the “mws.exe”
  5. Link in your case installing a windows service you may invoke this command:
    mws installservice “”
  6. Now you should see the service within the MMC console of your windows system

You may also uninstall the service by using this command:
mws uninstallservice “”


If you only have a one MWS server instance (called: “default”) the command above will always start your default server or all instances in case of a cluster. However you may also start server instance one by one using the mws command.

As explained just enter the “mws” command you get the various options.

Kind regards.