How to insert Large Blobs in to Oracle 11g

Hi All

We have a requirement where in we need to insert blobs of the order of the 25 MB in to Oracle 11g database.The 6-5_JDBC_Adapter_Users_Guide instructs to “use the InputStreamReader implementation of with the correct encoding parameter.”

This was working fine but the database team realized that “in parameters are in memory on both sides of the driver” and its a highly memory intensive operation and they have decided to send out an “empty blob”(lob locator) to which we should “stream the payload” by using a java service.

I have seen references to the above mentioned approach and code snippets to achieve the same by means of a java service using WmDB package.I would like to know if there is any way we could stream the payload to the lob locator by means of the flow service,i tried using a transaction i have mentioned below thinking the empty blob would behave a lob locator even in flow service

start transaction
---------------> invoke stored proc
---------------> update the empty blob received in the output of the stored proc with
---------------> payload
commit transaction

But this is not working and the blob is not getting populated.

The reason why i need this in flow service is i need to maintain the transaction between this blob insert and couple of document publishes to the broker.So any inputs in achieving the same in flow service will be really helpful.

Thanks in advance