How to increase Broker log and storage files

Hi. Is it possible to increase the size of the Broker server default log file (Broker.qs.log) and the server default storage file (Broker.qs.stor) ?
According to the Broker admin doc (v6.0.1.) the size of these files can be increased but they don’t show how.
I noticed that additional storage files can be added but is it possible to increase the size of the default ? (without deleting and recreating the broker server)

Please let me know.



I’m fairly certain that you can not increase the default log or default storage after they have initially been created. You can replace the default log file with a new one of a different size, but it requires you to rename the log file other than Broker.qs.log, which is perfectly fine and the server runtime can manage with no problem.

Storage files can only be added to augment the initial Broker.qs.stor file. You can’t change the default size for this file without deleting and recreating the server.

I guess the moral to this question is be sure you pick appropriate defaults when you create the server.