How to import Smart eChart widgets into C8Y application?

Product/components used and version/fix level:

I am trying to install the Smart E Chart Widget for my cumulocity web application from the widget’s official repository.

Detailed explanation of the problem:

On the first step, I am able to install all of the external dependencies except for juggle/resize-observer@^3.3.1, which returns the following error message:

npm ERR! code ENOLOCAL
npm ERR! Could not install from "juggle\resize-observer@3.3.1" as it does not contain a package.json file.

I am, however, able to install the latest version of Juggle, 3.4.0, and proceeded on to step 3 of the installation section after downloading the latest release binary file.

I then tried running the command to install the Smart E Chart Widget and did not run into any messages, errors or otherwise, on my console.

However, the package itself was not installed in my node_modules folder and I am wondering if that had to do with not being able to install the proper version of Juggle.


the Smart E Chart widget is also available as a UI Plugin in Cumulocity. You could install it directly as a UI extension for your custom application, instead of adding it manually to your project. Check out this article, which explains how to install UI extensions. If you want know more about UI extensions in Cumulocity, have a look at this webinar.

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