How to implement a double dimensional array?

I want to implement a double dimensional (string)array in my flowService.
Do i need to write a java service for this…? or Is there any service?
If yes, could u please tell me in detail of how would i add a item and retrive the item from that list…

Hi Srikanth,
YOu can use a string table for a two dimensional array. There are service si n pub folder to insert and retrive data from a string table. Please go through BOS Reference guide for more details


Hi pradeep,

Can you tell me what are the services that can be used to populate a double dimensional array. is there a built in service to do that?

Not so sure about data insertion (other than by explicit MAP), but pub.string:lookupTable can access data in a string table.

I would use simple java for insertion…

IDataCursor idc = pipeline.getCursor();
String [][] sri = new String [2][2];
// Map your pipeline here
sri[0][0] = “00”;
sri[0][1] = “01”;
sri[1][0] = “10”;
sri[1][1] = “11”;

Did you find how you will do it in 2 dimensional? :slight_smile: