How to hide flow services on webMethods 7.1.2 or 8.1.2 developer - CLOSED

Hi Guys,

I been trying this for a long time but I could not get to the end of it :lol:

Like java services how do we hide the flow services (user defined flow services).

If you look at the WmPublic package (Eg: WmPublic/pub.client:ftp) there are few flow services that are hidden by SAG :slight_smile: (Source not available)

How did they achieve this?

Let me know if anyone has tried this?

Source not available doesn’t mean hide, it’s because java source file(java.frag) doesn’t exist. Hide means you can’t see them, for example the services in WmRoot package are hidden by default(controlled by extended settings).

If you want your java service Source not available, just don’t select any *.java and java.frag when you export.

If you want to hide your services, whatever java service or flow service, you can set the read ACL to a suitable one(for example Administrator ACL), then users not belong to this ACL(for example user just belongs to Developers ACL) can’t see them.


I am very aware of java.frag files :lol: but my question here is for flow services.

Can you provide me a example if possible.

I am unable to set read ACL to Administrator ACL I donot see them in my dropdown.

I want my flow service to look something like in attachment. I hope I am clear now :lol:

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You can find the Permissions in Properties View, please see the attachment.
For example, if you set the List ACL to Developers and Read ACL to Administrators, then login as user Developer(the build-in user just belongs to Developers ACL, password is “isdev” by default), you can see this service, but not the service content.
Hope it helps. Finally, what’s the purpose you want to hide?

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The purpose for hiding the service content is to build my own utility services (like SAG did in WmPublic and others).

It works if I login in as a developer (I had never knew this option) the service content is not shown.

But one last question - If I login as a Administrator the service content still shows up. Any idea about the ACL: (inherited) how to get there :smiley:

Let me know your comments.

WmPrivate is not an option to select, but ACL settings are stored under /config folder with name acl*.cnf, you can configure your service in the aclread.cnf(to make source not available) and aclwrite.cnf(to make sure no one can change the Read ACL) like below:

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I tried as you suggest in wM 7.1.2. It worked :smiley:

Thanks Xiaowei 8)

For All,
After I made the changes in aclread.cnf. I had to reboot the IS for the changes to take place :slight_smile:

Yes, reboot is required, and don’t forget configure aclwrite.cnf too, it makes sure no one can change the read acl back to other value.

Yep :smiley:

This is exactly what I too was looking for … Thanks Mahesh for posting this… And Thanks Xiaowei for the Solution !

You welcome :lol:

Let me know if you face any issues

The java source is stored in IS/packageName/folderName/ns/././java.frag file, u can delete the file or rename the java.frag file and then the java source is hidden. but you can find java source file in packagesname\code\source*.java . if you delete node.ndf or rename it then is flow service is missing in the developer /designer.

PS. u need to reload the package.

@ Frank,

Yes to hide java source code on designer/developer you can simply delete the java.frag file and .java in the corresponding folder (Like SAG does in all the BIS) :slight_smile:

But if you delete/rename node.ndf the flow service gets deleted or disappears which is not good :slight_smile:

There is a way to hide the flow services and it is updated in the above thread!

Hello Wang/Mahesh,

If i remove any *.java file from a package(to make source unavailable), Do I need to restart the server to reflect the change?

I just reloaded that specific package(after removing *.java) it did not reflect, still shows the source code.


Delete the java.frag file to hide the source code

Hi Mahesh,

I could not find java.frag on that package under


where it ll be?

And IS restarts/Package reload needs?

Hi Mahesh,

I could not find java.frag on that package under


where it ll be?

And IS restarts/Package reload needs?

Read now full mail trail and got it :slight_smile: @ Mahesh

Hi Wang/Mahesh,

And also I guess some service updates the acl settings and writes on acl*.cnf file for a specific interval.

which service and what is the schedule time?

It’s all part of the WmRoot services that does in the back ground…