How to handle result of a dynamic process

Hi there,

I’ve created a dynamic process. In my opinion it’s working well: several instances of the dynamic subprocess are started. The problem after starting the processes is to collect the return data. Only the data of the return document of the last process instance that has finished is visible.

Is there a special way to handle the return data? At first i thought that the pub.prt.processmodels might have additional output data, but that’s not the case also.

Can anyone tell me how to get my output documents?



I have some problem to start the reference processes. would you enlighten me how you achieve that?

Basiscally what I do is in one step I create the subprocessModel doc and pass it to the next step, which is the dynamic reference step. However, I always encountered [PRT.0101.9110] [PRT.0101.9123] No value was supplied for the required parameter SubprocessModels

Thank you!

Make sure the output document of your service is named ‘SubprocessModels’ (note the ‘s’!), which is a document reference to SubprocessModel.


do you resolved this issue as I am in the same situation now? or anyone else have some idea how to collect multiple returns?