How to handle MQTT Publish Message which has raw data in its payload in Cumulocity IoT?


We want to integrate our embedded devices to Cumulocity IoT Platform.

We will only use MQTT protocol between our embedded devices and Cumulocity IoT.
Our devices will publish messages periodically ( every minutes etc) .

When the message is received on cumulocity mqtt broker, we need to parse it then convert it to smartrest format.

so can we trigger any custom action when message is received? if yes can we call decoder microservice at this point?

or as an alternative solution:

can we deploy microservice on platform which can have one global listener mqtt client and this client is subscribed to all topic or to specific our raw data. whenever embedded devices publish message that will be received on this global listener and its payload parsed and converted smartrestformat then it is sent to broker again for each embedded devices?

your alternative solutions suggestions and comments will be appreciated



with a commercial tenant in use you will be able to use a microservice.

best regards