How to handle 10000 records in MQ queue

Hi All,

I have to fetch 10000 records(Max of 25MB) from DB2 database and after that, i need to send it to MQ queue( treated as single message), how can i achieve this without much delay in webmethods7.x.

Please help me out on this.


read the large document handling part of the documentation first.

But, IMO, it’s not a good idea to aggregate 10000 records into one message in any situation. You may go back to ask “why do you need all in one message?”

Yes I agree with Tong Wang…it’s not a wise solution wiht one msg handling high volume records.

You need to achive it in a differrent way via storedProcedure or some thing like that and break out the records in chunks and feed it to the MQ.


Thank you very much rmg and Tong Wang.


Could you please explain me more on this and how to achieve it.