How to Give Trigger Condition for notification fileds

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I am using 6.0.1 ,when Basicnotification notified ,trigeer has to subscribe the notificationpublishdocument publish to the Broker,her i need to give the filter condition to invoke the Main Flow service ,notificationpublishable document carry the ERROR ,i need to inoke the Main Service when ERROR Doesnot contain any thing when an Order inserted OR updated in DB Table,

So in Trigger i have given the DocumenType as a NotificationPublishableDocument By Browse,in Fileter i have Given (%ERROR%=="" || %ERROR%=="null),in service browsed the main service,

i have inserted the order in table whithout Error Data of an order,trigger is not calling main service,than i changed the trigger condition as Ex:( %Test.AnilE.triggers.event:insertNotifyPublishDocument/ERROR%=="" ||%Test.AnilE.triggers.event:insertNotifyPublishDocument/ERROR%==“null”),in this case also main service is not invoked ,in main service i have taken Documentreference of notification Document and given name Test.AnilE.triggers.event:insertNotifyPublishDocument to the input document of main service,in this scenario also trigger is not invoked the main service

whithout trigger conditions trigger is invoking main service,

anybody help to give filter conditions for notification in Trigger For 6.0.1 version…


Try %ERROR% == null (no quotes) - this works for me on 6.01.

You can also use != null if testing for any value.


For performance purposes, consider using lexical operators, which cause the filter to be stored on the Broker rather than on the IS (read Publish-Subscribe Developer’s Guide for more details.)

For example, try using %ERROR% L_EQUALS “” for one trigger and %ERROR% L_NOT_EQUALS “” for another.

Note: I just ran a couple of tests on my 6.1 server and it appears that L_EQUALS “” also evaluates to true if the variable is null. Quite convenient for scenarios like yours. Be sure to test this on your own server as well.

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thanx fro reply phil and cstropb ,got solution…by keeping L_EQUALS and == also ,actual here is i am inserting same data in DB table becz of i kept Exact Only Once Notification for Notification,for insertion of same data in DB table same notification document is publishing but is not delivering twice to the flow service by trigger