How to get users in my webmethods server 7.1

Dear All,

I want to get all users in my webMethods server 7.1. i get a wsdl from Folders > System > Managers > bizPolicy > dir > user on mws, and creat ws connectors by the wsdl, when i try to run the connecotr “getmembers”, i get the following error msg. may bacause of incorrect input, how to prepare the input for getmembers. Thanks a lot.

com.webmethods.portal.bizPolicy.BizException: [POP.001.0002] A “java.lang.NullPointerException” occurred with the Message “at com.webmethods.portal.bizPolicy.command.dir.GetMembers._getMembers(”

You are using incorrect method. getMembers() function is for retrieving role/group membership for a given user.

To list all users in the specified directory you need to use listPrincipals() method from directoryservice biz policy. The parameters for this method are:

dirServiceID - an uri for directory service to list users from. For system directory service the uri is “”. For any directory service which you added you would need to specify an alias to use from here.

type - type of the principal to list. user = 0, group = 1
start, end - used for paging. E.g. you could return users from 0 to 10 for example