How to get the SOAP message (complete document).

I’v created a WebService that receives messages for furhter processing. I like to know whether there ist a service that will give me the complete SOAP-Message (to be more precise the document) received as a string.
So far i have used the ‘pub.xml.documentToXMLString’ service but it provides the document without the namespaces:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

Where can I get the namespaces from ?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

(I’m using version 7.1 of Integration Server)

Would pub.soap.utils:soapDataToString work for you?


thank you for your reply Mark,
i’ve already looked at soapDataToString. I forgot to mention in my last post that the input to my services’ pipeline is a document reference of the document type created when importing the wsdl.
The input of pub.soap.utils:soapDataToString is of type Object. However i can connect the document reference to soapDataToString. During runtime I get an exception though: [ISS.0088.9118]
Parameter soapData must be a valid soapData

All i’m really missing are the namespaces when converting the document to xml. Without them the xml is pretty much useless for me, since the prefixes are still used in the xml…