How to get the external IP address with Reverse Invoke? IS 7.12

My internal Integration Server service, needs get the IP address of the client who originates the request, I usually get it through “pub.flow:getTransportInfo” and “pub.utils:getServerProperty”. Since I am using the Reverse Invoke proxy (between the client and the internal server), I start to only get the IP address of the Reverse Invoke server (and not the originating client) When I looked inside the debug log, I found that it shows the external IP address of the client.

Does anyone know how to get the external IP address via a service ?

Btw, I’m using Integration Server 7.12

InvokeState is = InvokeState.getCurrentState();
ProtocolInfoIf protocalInfo = is.getProtocolInfoIf();
if (protocalInfo instanceof HTTPState){
HTTPState httpState = (HTTPState)protocalInfo;


I don’t have a 7.1.2 environment, I test it in my 8.2.2