how to get the column value from the second page in a async table

Hi Experts,

I have an async table , has a pagination and each page contains 10 records, in the first page i selected one record and in the second page i have selected another record , when i move back to the first page and trying to get the value of a column of the selected record (which was selected on the second page), i could not get the value using the javascript.

    var table = CAF.model("#{activePageBean.clientIds['searchResultsTableControl']}").selected();

for (var i = 0; i< rowCount ; i++)
                 var taskName = CAF.model(table[i].getControlId('htmlOutputText24')).getValue();

from the above code i am getting the value from the first page(selected record) and i am not able to get the value from the second page(selected record).

Could any one help me on the above, i believe since the second page is not visible on the screen at that point time the value is not retrieved.

Am i using the right javascript in this case to pull the value from the second page(selected record) or do i need to do some change in the async table to get the second selected record column value.

Thanks in advance.


The client-side only has a slice of the table data available in order to provide scalable large list handling support.

If you need to interact with the full table data set, you will probably have to do that with a server-side action handler.

Thank You Eric, i will go with that the server side actions.