How to get tables info from Database via JDBC Adapter?

Hello everybody,
I am a beginner to Webmethods. I Am using webmethods 6.5. I have some problems and i need your help urgently. I have understood the basic points in webmethods, but but I cannot realise it. I need create a webservice. But i dont know how? Do I need Branch or Loop or…?

The webservice should look the following measures:
The Webservice should receive data from the database (MYSQL 2000 àvia JDBC).
Then Service should transformt the data in xml-format, but i dont know how.

I need some basic examples, how to create a connection and how to tranform the data in xml. Thx.

Best regards

for the JDBC connection you should read JDBCAdapter guide. and to convert the file into XML there are buit in services available like pub:xml: in WmPublic folder. and to create webservices you have to create WSDL files.Search in forum for JDBC Adapter Connection,Convert to XMl and Create Webservice


What Dev20 said is exactlycorrect.In aprecise waythere is a service called convert toxmlvalues which convert the data we get into the xml structured we defined. The best wayto get thorugh serviceis read develper giudefor service reference. And for the web service the best way is described by the dev20