How to get soap Request and reply from the web service descriptor Consume service


I am consuming a .net WSDL, and the client wants to see the Soap Request and response that webMethods sends/receives.

How do I grab the request being send from IS, and how do I grab the response being recieved.

The WS Descriptor takes the docType and internally converts to soap and sends.

Please Help.


You can test with SOAPUI tool for testing req/response…Also get the .net sample request they are sending and post it thru UI that calls webMethods and response from it.Also webservices user guide should cover this topic for you:

You can also implement a proxy between the client and server. The proxy will contain the raw content, the request and response messages, between the client and server. For example, in the scenario you described try the following:
1.Download the free product Membrane Monitor from and install on your personal workstation. Membrane Monitor is proxy similar to tcpmon and works very nicely with XML messages. If you are already familiar with tcpmon, you can use that too.
2.Configure Membrane Monitor to relay request/response. You’ll want to read the product documentation that describes how to configure it.
3.Point the Web Services client to your workstation’s IP address. In your case, webMethods is the client so the endpoint will be your workstation’s IP address and the port number you configured in Membrane.
4.Execute a web services call in webMethods and inspect the request and response messages in Membrane Monitor.

The steps I described are very brief and will work so long that the transport protocol is not over an encrypted channel such as SSL (HTTPS)

I hope this helps. Cheers

Thanks dcova,

But we do not use the port in our service.

also pub.client:soapClient don’t have any input of port. so when I try, it erros with Connection Refuest.

Hello Samirray,

Although you may not be explicitly using a port number, HTTP URLs than begin with “http://” use port 80 by default. However, in webMethods, if you are using a web services alias the port number may be over written there.

In the url example you provided, I can only assume that the endpoint defined inside your WSDL is using port 80.

I hope this helps.

You can simply increase the server logging level when testing, you should see the SOAP env.

Another option to consider is if the folks hosting the the web service that you are calling want to see the incoming request and outgoing response, they could capture it on their end.

They want us to provide them the soap request and response, so I have to somehow catch the request/Response that webMethods is generating internally and sending.

How do I increase the server login level?

How do I increase the server login level? In the IS8.x Admin logging section—>Server Logger -->Default–>IntegrationServer–> either whole tree or just 0088 SOAP – set to debug or trace mode 0141 Web Service stack – set to debug or trace mode

I understand what they are asking. But you are already providing the request–when you call their service. And they are providing a response.

So my suggestion was, since they are the people that want the messages, they can capture on their side instead of you capturing on your side.

Either way they’ll get the same messages. It’s just a matter of who does the work to get it.