how to get servicerequest id as processcorrelation id

hi All,

i have created process model which has 3 task steps,i am using publish and wait service to invoke process model and getting first task url back to open the first task., before first task in the process model am generating service request id in flow step by calling adapter service which generate count id which am mapping to correlation using establishcorrection built-in service by mapping correlation as servicerequestid and processinstanceid to the process instaceid to the input of the establishcorrelation processinstance id, i have developed caf screen which ask servicerequest id after entering request id i need to display the process model task steps which is created and status of that, can any one help me to achieve it.

anil kumar ellendula

Hi All,

i see built-in service WmMonitor/pub.monitor.process.instance:getInstanceSteps how can i use this service for above solution to get process step status on servicerequestId.

Anil Kumar Ellendula