How to get service dependents in flow code

As the title says, I was wondering how to programatically get service dependents from within a designer flow service. I tried searching on here and saw some topics that suggested using However I am unsure how to use this to accomplish my goals. Was hoping for some advice.


You will find one in WmRoot package.

Let me know if you don’t find it, will provide you with the complete service namespace.

wm.server.ns.dependency:getDependent you can use this service (note that is a private service and it can change without any notice, use it at own risk).

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thanks for your response. the only “getDependent” service I see in Designer is Is this the same one you mean? It takes in 3 inputs:

  1. assetID
  2. assetName
  3. assetType

The service I mentioned is present in WmRoot by default it is hidden and you can view it by an extended setting.

Can you enable that and refresh the designer to view the service mentioned.

Set the property watt.server.ns.hideWmRoot in IS Administrator > Extended Settings

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i got it to work. thanks!