How to get from REST API list of available capabilities of operations

I’m using a free trial with the latest version of cumulocity. I’m working on integrating the external system with cumulocity through REST API. I want to output all available operations with capabilities (seems that sometimes it is named fragments). For example, when I connect my smartphone through Cumulocity Sensor App I can retrieve a list of available operations: c8y_Message and c8y_Relay . In the documentation, we find that c8y_Relay operation has two states: OPEN, CLOSED . But can anyone suggest whether these states can be obtained through the REST API?

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do you mean the current state for a specific device or all the possible states?

The current state of the device is stored in the c8y_Relay fragment of the managed object (I guess you know that already). The possible states are not available via the REST API.

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yes, I need all available states. If we could get them via REST, we could build commands that would cover all possible cases. For example, we could create a commands to turn the phone on and off without adding any special conditions that have to be added manually.

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Unfortunately that is not available via the REST API as it actually does not enforce that you use just the documented state.

c8y_Relay can be also an array e.g.:

   "c8y_RelayArray": [

Also here I saw only “OPEN” or “CLOSED” as possible entries.

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