How to get exrenalId, deviceId and name in inventory service manageobject

Hi all,
our requirements is get external id, device id and name in manage object, right now I m using inventory service for managed object, if any service for getting device id, name and external id. Please guide me it’s help for me. Thanks in advance

Hi Rahul,
what is your parameter for getting this device? Do you have external id and you want to get device managed object with it? Or do you want to get all managed objects with their external ids?

yes I want to get all managed object with their external id

it looks like you would need to make an extra call per fetched device to get all external ids

  1. get all devices {{url}}/inventory/managedObjects?pageSize=100
  2. for each mo get all external ids {{url}}/identity/globalIds/{{deviceId}}/externalIds

There is also an Aha! idea to add externalIds to Inventory API:
If implemented and released, you can get externalIds and managed objects in just one call:

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