How to get element attribute "name value pair"

I want to read flow.xml file of a flow service created in webmethod6.5 that can be located in ns folder of a package name as i want to read specific element and its attributes in name value pair for example


in this invoke element i want values as


will anyone will help me out as how to do this in webmethod
waiting for ur reply


I think the best would be to use pub.xml:queryXMLNode with query in WQL or XQL which will get you desired elements/attributes.

Or you can use pub.xml:xmlNodeToDocument and then work with document in your flow.

Convert the XML data into IS document.

Write a reusable java service which takes a document at runtime as input…

Use getKey method in IDataCursor and getString method in IDataUtil, generate the Key Value pair

I have used pub.xml:queryXMLNode but problem i m getting only values but i need attributes and values in name=value pair and i have also tried pub.xml:xmlNodeToDocument and here problem is that how can i get all the invoke tag attribute and values can u be little bit descriptive