How to get count of rows in results of selectSQL

I have to place premilinary validations that also include based on the records that my select query has returned. I like to avoid using loop or converting this to a document list and then using pub.list.sizeoflist().

how can I do this in simplest way. Appreciate your help!

In the JDBC Adapter User’s Guide there is information pertaining to this. Please review that. Let us know if you don’t find it.

I did look at the user guide but did not find any information pertaining to my question. User guide talks about ‘maximum row’ field. User guide also talks about output field such as number of rows affected for insert and delete sql but not for select sql.

I tried this and it worked. I used pub.list.sizeofList flow service on my selectOutput.results list and it works fine. This was suggested by one the forum gurus for any type of documentList. I was just not sure whether it will work for results of selectSQL or not. But it works. Thanks!

JDBC Adapter Users Guide, 6.5 dated May 2009. Page 91. Two rows below the description of “Maximum Row” you should see a description of “Result Field.”

SELECT tab for a select template service has “Result Field” which is where you can define a variable to hold the number of records returned.

(I looked at these before suggesting you review the doc.)

Thank You reamon, I had older version of document.

Ah, I see. Does your version of the adapter have the Result Field? Hopefully so.