How to get connection parameters

In my application, I need to get the value of $dbuser. How can I get the username of the connection I use to create a adapter???


Use “” service to retrieve the jdbc connection details.

You would need to populate 2 pipeline variables :
connectionAlias =
adapterTypeName = JDBCAdapter

You may not be able to see this service from Developer as it requires LIST ACL. To workaround on this, use “pub.remote.invoke”


There is an easy way to insert steps to invoke services that are not listed in Developer.

Insert an invoke step to call any arbitrary service, like pub.string:concat.

Select the step then on the properties pane, edit the service name to be the service that you want to call. E.g. replace pub.string:concat with

The editor pane will update to show the inputs/outputs of the desired service, if they are declared (for example, many WmRoot services do not declare inputs/outputs though they expect particular pipeline vars to be present).


Hey guys thanks for ur time and help… It worked great…