How to generate swagger in webMethods integration

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I would like to know how we can generate swagger in webMethods integration (10.11) when we create new REST resource.

I know webMethods generates WSDL when we expose our flow service as SOAP service and we can simply copy that wsdl and share with consumers.

However, I don’t know if webMethods generates any swagger file that we can share with consumer (when we create new REST Resource and try to invoke flow services inside it)

Example: I have created a new REST Resource (by using New → REST Resource option) named as “Orders”. Inside each auto generated service (that was generated by webMethods for each url template), I have added required logic / service invocation etc.

Now how can I get swagger file against newly created REST Resource? that I may share with other partners/consumers of this REST Resource?

I don’t have much knowledge of webMethods functionality/features and hence need guidance from community on swagger generation against newly created REST Resource.

Please comment or guide.

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There is an option in Designer to create a “Provider REST API Descriptor” from an existing REST resource

The descriptor will generate swagger or OpenAPI (newer version of Swagger), which you can manually share.

If you want IS to serve the swagger document you can use these URLs

JSON Format: http://host:port/<base_path>?swagger.json
YAML Format: http://host:port/<base_Path>?swagger.yaml

Also we have a new cool feature as of 10.15 that will automatically document any of your API Descriptors via the package’s home page. It will also include any commented services.

You will be able to try this new feature as of next week when 10.15 will be available for download. Once installed right click on your package in Designer and click “Generate documentation”. Then go to the package home page and voila.

Thanks John & Dave for your valuable feedback/comments.

I was able to generate swagger using REST API Descriptor.

Hi John, thanks for sharing this wonderful feature of 10.15. Will this new version be automatically available to tech community members under download section? or will we have to explicitly request access/download for 10.15? Please advise

Yes it will available for download from the tech community web-site, albeit it may take a few days for the site to be updated.

What ACL will be required to see that home page? If it is the Administrators ACL, that limits the usefulness of sharing with potential API consumers.

By default the access will be anonymous. As an aside we have also changed the ACL to access the built in server API documentation to be anonymous too now as of 10.15.

Therefore you will be able to call http://localhost:5555/admin/swagger/integrationServer without needing to give everyone Administrator access!

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