How to find LOC of a natural program

Can anyone tell me how to find the LOC of a particular natural program.
I have around 2500 programs to estimate. Please let me know if there is any command/utility/tool to achieve this.

Thanks in advance


Have you had a look at the APIs in library SYSEXT ?
There is a number of API’s for getting info on libs and objects etc
(Type SYSEXT at the commandpromt in natural)

For instance USR1055N ?

Or it is someting completely different you’re trying to achieve ?


My requirement is to find the LOC of all the natural programs using some natural command or any other utility…
I dont have permission to access SYSEXT :?
Is there any other method… Kindly help

Hi Sridevi,
The API in SYSEXT is the entry to this !
So contact you Natural Security administrator to get access, or ask him to copy USR1054N and USR1055N to “a library near you”
Remember also to ask for the exampleprograms.


Thanks a lot Finn :lol: