How to find how this Java Service is called

We have a Java Service which receives XML data and whicn in turn invokes the other services passing the XML String. I want to find out how the XML data is passed onto to Java Service. Is there a way to see that in log file


If you want to log the XML data, you’ll need to do so explicitly.

Why are you using a Java service?

[Edit] Or you can use a facility such as Trading Networks that will do much of work for you.

Java Service is the starting point, from there it has series of services. We have an issue, third party server sends xml to this service, we want to debug it because we feel data mapping may be wrong. If there is a way to log the XML, that would be great to check the mapping.

It is likely that using a Java service as the starting point is not the best way to structure the integration.

How to log the incoming XML will depend on how the service is defined and how the XML is being sent. Can you provide details?