How to extract PrivateKey from a certificate

Hi All,

could you please explain me how to send a privatekey for pfx certificate provided by the client, while sending the data by using pub.client:soapClient service.

I am trying to get the file from a local storage and attaching the whole file to the service will that correct or do i need to extract privatekey

Please let me know some lights on it.

Nagendra Kumar.R

Hi ,

Would you mind clarifying whose certificate this ? is it your or provided by client? If it is provided by client you can only have the public key for encryption and you will sign it with your private key. Whereas your client will decrypt the message with its private key. For details on Key chain please refer any of the sites on Internet.



Hi Nagendra,
Fyi, private key never be extracted from public key. But public key can be extracted from the private key. Now please clear the term certificate here. Is it public key or private key ??