How to export portlets to non-webMethods Portal ?

Dear members,

Did people here try to export portlets to non-webMethods Portal (but base don JAVA like webSphere ?).

Here is the business case from one Workflow with human interaction we have:

  • Requestor will fill a formulary in non-webMethods Portal. When the formulary is filled, we launch a web Services provides by IS in order to start a process with human validation.

  • Approvers will use MWS to do human task validations.

  • Requestor must have the possibility to get a status about their request with a report. This report must be located in the same place where they did requests.

For the third point, we would like to create the report as CAF portlet, but we would like to “export” this one to the other Portal (non-webmethods).

How to do that ?
What are requirements on the target portal ?

Thanks for your help.

NOTE - I have a workaround solution : provide web Services to Portal team, and they build their own reports with technologies they know.

deploying portlet applications in other portals is currently not supported. You can develop CAF Web Applications and deploy them to WebSphere, but this is supported first with v8.0.

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