How to drop a top level document from the process pipeline?


In my process’ pipeline I have a top level document, say “doc”. It is generated as the ouput of one of the process steps.

What I want is that this document is not present in the input pipeline of one of the further steps in the process. For some (internal to our project) reasons, I can not use the “express pipeline” option.

With a picture: A → B → C → D

The step A generates “doc” as a top level document and puts it to the pipeline. The step B does something with “doc” (modifies it). I’d like to have it so that the step D does not have “doc” as its input (not only in its service signature but really in the pipeline).

I tried to put the step C in between, and put a map step there which drops “doc”, but it still appears in the inbount pipeline for the step D. With a subdocument there are no problems, i.e. if I have a “subdoc” field in “doc” and drop this subdoc in the step C, then I have “doc” without subdoc in the step D.

So how can I make a top level document disappear from the process’ pipeline?

Thank you for your suggestions!

“Express Pipeline” is the option that should give the solution for you, but I wonder why is it not working. This data gets written into process description file. We don’t have to edit it manually, but to analyze can you have a quick look into that file. You can find it in the package generated for process model. It holds the details of each step and input/output for the same.

Next is, try executing the pub.prt.admin:scanPackage service once which modifies information in fragment file corresponding to the process model (in case if not updated for any reason).


Hello Senthil.

Thank you for your reply!

I did not say it’s not working. I only said that I can’t use it (as in “not allowed to”).

Actually, my situation is a bit more complex than what I described, and “express pipeline” would not help.

I have a loop in the process model. I.e. I have a step that can be entered through two incoming transitions (join type is “unsynchronized or”). One transition is for initially entering the loop, and the other is for next loop iteration. I’m afraid it would get lengthy if I tried to describe all the details here. But if you have had a similar situation you’ll understand what I mean: because of the loop, the document is always considered as “possibly needed in the future” and is not purged. So I’m looking for a way to explicitly drop the document from the pipeline.

as far as i understand, there are 2 incoming transitions to an activity step(say A), where you dont want to have “doc”.
Can you try to introduce a new doc in (say doc1) in both of your activity steps (initial loop) that have a transition to A. And drop “doc” in both of these activity steps