how to disable MWS generated JS files?

We have a JSR 168 portlet deployed in a MWS page. The portlet has its own JS files. We find many JS files from MWS are embedded in the page in addition. How can we prevent these files from being loaded?


You can’t prevent those files from being loaded, because they are required by the MWS/CAF infrastructure.


thank you Justin. The reason why we want to disable the MWS JS files is because they interfere with our Portlet owned JS. For instance, there are some global arrays defined in our Portlet page. If the Portlet is deployed in Pluto, the data in these arrays is correct. However, if deployed in MWS, in addition to the original data, the arrays contain some other strange values like eventlistener. Do you kow if it’s possible that the MWS JS code that adds extra data into these arrays?

Thank you very much,