How to disable async behaviour of RestClient


While developing business console gadgets, we have noticed that, “_this.$scope.restClient” invoke() method is calling the webservices in async mode. How can we change this to sync mode ?.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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You should use promises to logically make it synchronous,

Can you try something like this in your js function where you are using restClient to invoke an API,

var deferred = $q.defer();

    				   _this.$ = response;
                              deferred.reject({ message: "Something went wrong" });


return deferred.promise;

here, “deferred” is a promise

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Dear Yashwanth ,

Could you please provide me sample for injecting the “$q” to controller. I tried the following way to inject $q, but it doesn’t work.

Tracker_7DF40093_EFFE_1036_BE32_1_Controller.$inject = [’$scope’, ‘RestServiceProvider’, ‘EventBus’, ‘$log’, ‘config’,‘SharedService’,’$q’];

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