How to delete Corrupted Document Types

Hi all,

First, We have 7.1.2 environment. And MWS is not configured. I want to have the BrokerAdmin Access to delete the corrupted doc types. Where can I see the BrokerAdmin. Does 7.1.2 still provides WmBrokerAdmin page?

Are there any built-in services to delete the corrupted doc types from broker? Can anyone please give step by step procedure as i am new to Broker concepts.

Also,I have checked the Broker settings in IS. It says, Broker host on 4770 and broker client prefix is 4600. what does it mean? Where is my broker located? is it on 4770? Also, Can my broker belong to other than these ports…for example…4880? is this possible?

Also if i use Document tracker can i delete the corrupted doctypes?

Please assist.



You can delete with document tracker.



In 7.1.X versions, broker admin access is provided through MWS page. So better if you configure broker settings on this page and perform all the operations from there.


WmBrokerAdmin was deprecated and not present in 7.1.2.

In order to administer Broker you need MWS. What difference does it make to configure IS or MWS? :smiley:

If you are lucky enought to get the old Enterprise Manager you can use it. It is a stand alone Java program deprecated also, but for me works like a charm! :smiley: (Yet is not supported).

How do you know you have “corrupted document types?” What are the symptoms you are seeing?

Document Tracker and Broker admin only work with Brokers > 7.x not using SSL as the SSL API changed.
As a productive envrionment should be SSL secured there wont be a way around MWS afaik. With MWS documents can be deleted.

Personal annotation: I would really like to still have the old tools, as they were more independent, but there is no version for Broker 7 or 8.