How to delete a process model when the option to choose the model in Business process

Hi All,

I am using BAM - Optimize for process in a project. I have defined a process model and associated couple of eventMaps to this model.

Now, one of the eventMaps got corrupted and i can’t remove it from the Models eventmaps in Business Data section in Analytics. The reason of failure of removal is that if i select the box and try to delete it, it throws an unknown exception, which is not even logged in the logs.

Finally, i am ready to recreate the model and add the 2 eventMaps bbut i am even unable to delete the Process model.

Kindly suggest an approach which will get the job done.

Thanking in advance,

You can use WmMonitor/ws.monitor.process.model:deleteProcessModels service to delete the process model. But I am not sure whether this will delete the Event Maps… May be you can give a try…