How to delete a particular flow step from all the services in a package

I want to create a custom service which takes package name as input and search for debugLog flow step in all the services present in that package,delete them. Can anyone help me.


please check the CodeSamples and Download sections in the Community if there is an appropriate package.

On the other side you should check the (unsupported, at least its explicit usage) WmRoot-package for matching services.
In the Designer the feature is named “Find Dependents”, but this is IS-wide not package wide.


Like, i want to delete invokation of debugLog steps from all the services.Using find references i am able to find all the services in which debugLog is getting invoke. But how to delete that flow step from all of them , i am not getting any idea.

Take a look at the flow.xml for a known flow service that contains debug log invoke, use regex to find and replace the entire invoke element. Similar for when people use it as transfomer.

Test in a controlled namespace until satisfaction.

It’s straight forward in Unix/Linux, use Notepad++ or PowerShell for Windows.

You have to treat this as some specific characteristics of XML files.

HTH, Goodluck.

And, it is probably more painful if you insist to do this via flow service.

Shell script is your best friend in this case. At worst run the shell script by a flow/java service, if you have to have one.