How to delete a custom permission/role created through microservice

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Cumulocity Production

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Hi, I wanted to know how to create custom permissions and @Tristan_Bastian helped us and gave us a custom logic How to access custom global role in service - #7 by Tristan_Bastian here. I tried to do the same and it worked but now I am not able to delete that custom permission. I tried to delete the custom microservice thinking it would delete the perms as well but that didn’t happen. Can anyone please guide me how I can delete the custom perm/role.


Hi Samanyu,

unfortunately, there isn’t any exposed API, which allows you to manage custom permissions. Creating custom permissions via a Microservice is currently just a workaround, but you can’t delete these custom permissions afterwards yourself. It’s currently a limitation of Cumulocity.

I suggest to create a support ticket and have Operations look at it. They might be able to delete them using direct access to the database.

Best regards

Christian Guether

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Okay, Thank you, Christian.

At newer versions…

When unsubscribing the Microservice, the permissions would be removed automatically. However, if there is another microservice with the same permissions or if there is a group or user that has the permissions assigned, the permissions will not be removed.

If you still have the microservice, you could try to re-subscribe it, remove the permissions from any users/groups, then unsubscribe it again.