How to define an empty DATE as constant

I have a simple-minded question, but I am unable to find a solution, this after checking the available documentation.
Maybe someone has a solution.

My "problem":

If I define a DATE variable like this


I get a piece of storage containing X’0000000F’. Everything is fine.

For aestheic reasons, I want is to define NULL_DATE as a constant. And here the trouble starts:

1 NULL_DATE (D) CONST< D’no idea what to specify’ >

Up to know I was not able to specifiy a valid Date constant which results in a X’0000000F’ value.
Am i hopeless with this?

Regards chris

Yes, Chris, you are hopeless. :slight_smile:

A date field can be initialized (INIT or CONST) only with a valid value, so at minimum 01/01/1582.

Hi Ralph,

your reply matches my test results. It is like it is.

regards Chris

Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, you could have something like:

1 NULL_DATE_B (B) CONST <X’0000000F’>

Hi Steve

thx for this tipp, which is well-known for me.
In my first posting I mentioned an “aesthetic” motivation to use a constant declaration.

To use a redefined constant declaration will work but contradicts my aesthetic coding style in this specific case.

To sum up:
We can close this issue, due to Ralph’s feedback.
I’ll stay with my “no constant” style.

regards Chris