How to debug in runtime


From the developer user guide, I see that the breakpoints are local to a session. But I wanted to set a breakpoint on a particular service and make the application stop at this service during runtime. In this application the Control comes from the web (java) and I wanted to see what are the input parameters passed to this service from Java.

Can you please help me out here?


If u just want to see what the input parameters are and are not concerned about stopping the application at some point…then you could use a “savePipelineToFile” service and log the input pipeline to a file which you can check to see…

Not sure if this is what you want…

Hope this helps…

This does not help me, as the file will be saved locally on the server. And I don’t have access to it. I could ask my administrators who are 1000 miles away. But to do that eveytime might irritate our admins.

Thats the reason I was wondering if we could stop this service and then view the pipeline.

After you have used savePipelineToFile, you can use restorePipelineFromFile in the service to see what parameters are being passed in to your service.

That’s a good point, that we can create a new service and invoke restorepipelinefromfile to see what’s being saved. But, is there a simpler way to do this. Can’t we just put a break and make the control to wait for us to step through?


I am not aware of any ways to stop running thread and view the pipeline. Other options to see your input params are to use pub.flow.debugLog or use Log4J to log stuff to file or DB…


You can invoke the smtp service in your code and pass all the input parameters whose values you want to know.

SMTP is a Good option.


You could turn on service level auditing on a service that you then execute in your main flow of code…

This then allows you to use WmMonitor to view what’s in the pipeline.

Tracepipeline is the nuclear blast technique of debugging, it’ll dump out the whole pipeline to the server log.

Nathan Lee