How to debug a flow service which takes publishable document as input

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I have a problem. I have two different packages in different integration environments. One package publishes the document and the other takes it as a input. But the thing is I do not have access to the other environment(the one which publishes). We have to debug the subscribing service but I do not think that the publishing service has published the document. How can I do that…because I do not the publishable document or its data. Is there any way…where I can debug the flow if i know the document struture. Pls help…


Kumar if you have the document structure then simply make it publishable and run it. When click on run, it will ask you if you want to publish it locally you can choose that option after specifying some dummy value in that document. If your trigger is setup correctly to subscribe that document then it should do that when you perform these steps.

Note: Make sure to create the publishable document in exactly the same folder which is mentioned in trigger.

You can also create a simple Flow service to be the unit testing harness for your triggered Flow. Populate and publish the document in your harness and then measure what happens in your triggered Flow by comparing its values to the expected results (assert true, false, etc.).

Creating test harnesses also works well for testing Flows that are initiated upon receipt of a web service invocation or a JMS message.



If you have access to the subscribing side and you’re allowed to edit the code, then you can add a savePipelineToFile step at the beginning of the service to capture what your service is receiving. Once a transaction comes through, you can use restorePipelineFromFile to step through your service.

Now, if you believe the publisher is not publishing the document or your trigger is not receiving the document, then I’d suggest looking at the Broker Admin and looking at some of the statistics there (ex.: last time document was published, last time document was received, etc.) You can also look at the Service Usage on the Administrator console to see if your service is actually being executed.

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Hi naveen,

I completely Aggress with castropd, we also implements a same sought of Integration senarios and we use the savePipeline to file and restorePipeline from file. this debug ways resutls whether the subscribing service is receviing the documents it has subscribed and moreover if it is receiving the documents, is it receiving the desginated one or something else. But there is a tricky thing. While using this some times previous values or values from other flow services running cocurrent or using the same publishing trigger (but called based on some parameter) will be stored.tehn just close the service and refresh the server.

Hi Kumar
Did you try using the Document Tracker .