how to create keystore file and add to webmethods

I am using xca to create the SSL cert and keystore file but when adding to IS i get the error below. I had this working before but stupid me didnt document and cant remember what i did to get it working. Any ideas on this error?

cannot load the keystore for alias ‘example’. Details: attempt to initialize keystore using location(D:\SoftwareAG\IntegrationServer\config\certs) failed.

did you put the keystore file in the path? seems it’s missing the filename

i was able to use a gui of keytool because it was more user friendly and got it working finally. Not sure why webmethods makes this so complicated by having to use java tools where they used to have their cert toolkit integrated in the install. The tool i used was this and recommend it if you dont have time to learn the keytool commands

Sounds a good resource:)

As tongwang, suggested please check if the keystore file name is included while defining the keystore location


My two cents - the supported keystore format is .jks

Thanks Kishore for chiming in:

use the keytool java command line it lives under the jvm bin. There is also a gui tool called portecle but command line is simple. You can make jks and/or pcks12 both supported in IS 8.x. With pcks12 it will also be easier to import x509 certs into Windows Servers.

+1 on the comments to include the .jks file in the path.

If you want to replace keytool with a GUI tool then you can also use CERTivity.

CERTivity aims at making it easier to manage digital security-related assets from any source.

Does the free tool gives all options and what version or platform you tried this interesting?

CERTivity is not free like keyTool IUI or Portecle (mentioned in previous posts) but it has a free fully working trial version. It runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux/Unix.

One of the things it can do is retrieve certificates from SSL and import them in a keystore.

Thanks for the update: