How to create JMS connection alias using the JNDI provider alias

Hi All,

Trying to configure Universal Messaging as wanted to do a poc.

Using wM9.7 version. Started IS and Universal Messaging Severs.

Created a JNDI provider alias in IS admin page but not sure how to create JMS connection alias using the JNDI provider alias. Can someone help me with this. Please share some screen shots which makes to easily understand.

Thanks for your time for reading this thread and helping me on the same.


Hello RP,

Following are steps (which are explained better in IS documentation)

  1. Verify you have some connection factory in JNDI
  2. Open ‘JMS settings’ and select ‘Create JMS Connection Aliass’
  3. Enter details as required. Basically enter Connection Alias, Description. In ‘Create Connection Using’ field select JNDI Lookup and select JNDI provider alias created and enter one of the Connection factory which you verified in step-1 and leave everything else as default.
  4. It will show up JMS connection alias created under ‘JMS Settings’, Click on ‘No’ link to enable the JMS connection alias.

Please see attached images


Thanks for your help. I followed steps, it worked !