How to create custom widget for Cumulocity IoT in angular latest version or Angular 8 version?

Hi Team,

Please help me to create custom widget in angular 8 version.

Thamizharasan P


There are multiple ways to create custom widget.

If you are creating new cumulocity app using c8y/cli then you can create new widget in your app by following below guide:

If you looking to create pure angular widget and later need to deploy in cumulocity app then you can follow demo widget:




to extend on Darpan’s response, the Cumulocity Web SDK comes with the application package, which contains the tutorial application. If you create a new application based on the tutorial application template you will find an example for a custom widget.

c8ycli new my-app tutorial

In the directory src/widget a custom widget name demo-widget is defined.

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