how to create configuration file in portlet application

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i have created the portlet application, which having so many portlets, i need to deploy into the wms , so i need how to generate configuration file(deployement descriptor) to deploy in mws , in samples which provided ajax-softwareag having xmlImport.xml configuration file for deployment instructions in wms, here in my portlet application how to get configuration file, is there option to generate file.

anil kumar e

I don’t know how to generate the xmlImport file for a portlet application. What I usually do is, after I have put those portlets in the MWS application pages, I export the root folder and this gives me an xmlImport file. I copy this file into the project and change things accordingly to my needs in it.

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i have done same thing as you said in my portlet application, mean from designer i have exported the webContent in my local machine but i donot see the xmlImport file generated in local drive, am not getting how to get it,in CAF samples 8.0, i have done with some samples i got xmlImport file, some samples i didnot get xmlImport file,.

I meant that you need to export the produced content from MWS (in the Administration Dashboard for the ‘sysadmin’ user there is a “Content Import/Export”). That will produce a file (probably with a ‘cdp’ extension) that you can unpack (as you would with a normal zip file) and in there you’ll find an xmlImport file.

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