How to Create a New Windows 2000 Service


I have installed 2 flavors of Webmehtods 6.0 Integration server on the same machine (one being Ver 6.0, and the other being 6.01 GA). During the install of the second IS, I had disabled the IS services in the Control panel, and installed the 2nd one as a 2000 Service. Now I have configured IS to run on 2 ports i.e 5555 & 6666.

Now my dilema is to create another new service in Windows 2000 such that I would like to run the 2nd IS as a service using port 6666. So How do I do it?

Any ideas?


Please review IS Administrator guide you will find answer there. Under support/win32 directory there is a batch file that will create a service for you and register it on Windows box