how to correlate a running process into a parent process

Hi all,

We are facing a known BPM challenge and would like to know if there is a way in webM to solve this.

We have a parent process which calls a referenced process. The referenced process has 2 receive steps (with a correlation). One is for the data passed down from the parent and one is for a message sent from an external system.
In some cases it can happen that the referenced process receives the external document before the parent process reaches that point. This is why we need to be able to start a process with both receive steps.
The issue with this is that the newly create process instance (for the child) does not have the parent instance linked to it. So it is not aware that it is a child to another process. This is ok as long as the parent does not reach the child as well. When it did that, we would hope that the child instance information is updated and it is linked to the parent. This way, when the child finishes the parent can keep on going. Currently this is not the case.
We know that we could solve this by making sure we initiate the child before the reply could arrive. This is how we had to do it in another flow application (not webM) but we would like to avoid this.

Any thoughts? Do you think webM BPM should be able to create the parent-child link at a later state?
Thanks, Stefan

What’s about having the “child” process not as a referenced process but as an independent one which is called via request/reply from the “parent” (just us a correlation for the parent as well to correlate original starter and reply from “child”)? This way it can be started from both sides and runs as an independent process.




sounds like an option but we would loose visibility.